Today, a 65-years old lady, Samira, came to BASSMA's office in tears, helpless and confused...Abandoned by the society, and by her children, she lives alone with her hemiplegic husband...
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Bassma is launching the Easter-Ramadan Foodathon Campaign 2024!

Offer a Food pack, and/or a Hygiene pack, and/or a Bread pack.


During these hard times we are going through, solidarity is what matters the most.

Starting $30, you can make a difference in families' lives and draw smiles on their faces.

We count on your generous and precious support!

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15 Nov 2021
Thank you SOS Chrétiens d'Orient!
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03 Feb 2021
Thank you Cargill!
Due to the precious contribution of Cargill we were able to rehabilitate more devastated homes. Thank you for your ge...
02 Feb 2021
Thank you Roche!
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31 Jan 2021
IC students’ Social Projects
01. Apr 2012

(News & Events)


Students of the International College have implemented three social projects in collaboration with BASSMA. Divided into three groups, the students have chosen to help deprived families through the following projects:


1- Help a university student: The first group of students wanted to finance the tuition and material of a gifted student. They raised funds through a bake sale organized in the school premises. BASSMA chose one of the best students among its family members, E. Chehwane who will receive a new laptop to facilitate his studies and 500$ to cover the tuition fees for his last year at a technical school.


2- Provide a family with its basic needs: The second group of students decided to support one of BASSMA’s deprived families at all levels. The Ghossein family needs help, especially with health related issues and home equipment. The students will be able to support them thanks to bake sales at the school premises.


3- Develop a family business: The third group decided to finance an already initiated self-sufficient project by BASSMA to empower a family business. Nohra, father of 2 children, and due to his physical handicap, has a hairdressing salon at home that needs a full renovation (he is currently washing the hair of his clients on his kitchen sink!).



We are pleased to announce the success of the social projects implemented by IC students, in collaboration with BASSMA.



1- Help a university student: The IC school students organized a gathering in their school’s premises on April 24 in order to meet E. Chehwane and offer him the 500$ check and the new laptop.
In addition to the students, the IC Student Activities Coordinator and teacher attended the gathering, as well as BASSMA representatives.
Members of the IC administration explained the importance of community service and its implementation within the IC curriculum. They also explained the importance of social projects focusing on sustainable development. This is why they are pleased with this specific project that will help improve the Education of a student, giving him the opportunity to build a better future.
One of the students interfered and told E. Chehwane that he was chosen specifically because he has the potential to build a carrier and he only needed the opportunity to do it.
Afterwards, the students gave E. Chehwane the 500$ check and the laptop, and started asking him questions about his studies, and he was very happy to answer their questions and exchange email and FB addresses with them.


View testimonials below



2- Provide a family with its basic needs: The project implemented this year by the second group of IC students, in collaboration with BASSMA, was finalized on April 21st. This group had decided to help a BASSMA family at all levels. They were able to provide the family with many home-related equipments.
The IC group of students were thoughtful enough to take the mother of this family, Najwa, on a shopping tour, so she can choose whatever she needs and likes the most.
They ended up by buying and offering the following to the family:
-A Sofa-bed
-A Small closet
-2 Bed-mattresses
-Several Bed Covers
-A water dispenser
-2 fans
-A Cookware
-A Frying Pan
-6 plates with spoons and forks
-School material for the children (notebooks, pens, etc..)




3- Develop a family business: Since happiness comes from giving, and as part of empowering a family business, the third group of IC students implemented, their community project on May 8 as promised.
They offered Mr. Nohra a real hair-washing chair, and other necessary materials for his home-based hairdressing salon.
Divided into two groups, the boys bought the hair-washing chair and two styling chairs, and the girls were thoughtful enough to think about buying a hairdryer, a curly and flat iron, a nylon cape for hair cutting, hair sprays, scissors, a mirror, hair coloring products, shampoos, towels, magazines, a clock for the wall and other required hair accessorizes such as clips and pins.
The girls were the ones who came to Mr. Nohra’s house, with a cheerful attitude along with the material. The plumber was waiting for them to fix the washing chair, and they sure gave him a hand.
They also donated 506,500 LBP that remained from their bake sale, which will finance the complete house renovation conducted by BASSMA on this specific house/hairdressing salon, and due to be finalized by the end of May.



Thank you IC students for your heartfelt dedication and great contributions…God bless you!


Nour Sabah Chamseddine, ES 2011-2012:

As seniors, we have to come up with a project and execute it. From the beginning, we agreed, as a class, that we wanted a durable project; that will have a long term effect and that will truly help someone in his/her life.  We came up with different ideas, narrowed them down, and finally decided on one: pay the tuition fees of a young person in need. That way, we will be helping with their education and relieve them from the burden of some financial expenses.  I contacted the BASSMA organization, and they were able to help us find the right person. BASSMA is already in charge of the guy's family. He is a 19-year-old guy, named E. Chehwan. He comes from a good background, however, when his dad passed away, his mom and him found themselves in a hardship. His mom had to get a job as a maid, and he now works all summer to raise about 300$. He is majoring in Computer and Networking in a public institute in Dekweneh. We had a bake sale and were able to raise 990 $! We were thrilled. It felt so great to raise money for a good cause and knowing that we are helping someone in a huge way. We were able to cover the tuition fee for E. Chehwan's next year at the institute for tourism and get him a laptop, an important element for his major. We met, with our advisor Mrs. Shukayr, E.Chehwan and three representatives from BASSMA on Tuesday 24 April during our lunch break in school. BASSMA thanked IC and the students for their projects and for their help to people in need.  The meeting went great, we gave E.Chehwan the laptop, which he really liked, and the tuition money to BASSMA. We also talked about his major, and he gave us some tips about computers. We are all very pleased that our project was successful. It felt amazing to help E.Chehwan and we are proud of what we accomplished. We hope that the ES class next year will be able to continue what we started.



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